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The McCann Tech Methodology

Brands are complicated creatures. In the past, they enjoyed total control over their message, so all they needed to do was to create coherent and decisive stories. But today, their realities are different. The consumer (in this case, the candidate or employee) is privy to a lot more information from a number of external channels. They are no longer waiting to hear what each brand has to tell them. This is magnified when our consumers are candidates or employees who need to choose a place of employment that will reflect upon their abilities and character. They form their opinion of each company based on minimal acquaintance or even none at all, and one day they will become agents of your company and form a channel of communication that the brand and company has no control over.

Why McCann Tech?
Story Builders

As an advertising agency, we understand how to create good stories (it’s our job). In order to attract candidates, stimulate intrigue and desirability, and develop a sense of employee pride, a company has to tell a great story not only about what it does, but also about what it means to belong to it. The narrative needs to add magic to the mundane. In order to shape this tale, one has to deeply understand the market, the aspirations of candidates and employees, and everything in between. Moreover, one needs to expertly spin clear, alluring, genuine stories that reach beyond the daily grind of the workplace.


The bottom line:
there is no engaging employer brand without a clear and engaging story.


A story, as good as it may be, is only the beginning. Creating a deep and compelling story is not easy, but transforming it from a two-dimensional tale into a believable narrative that can live independently is a whole other challenge. Why? Because moving from imagination into the real world requires the ability to translate big ideas into a practical mission, in a way that is relevant to the target audience (i.e. candidates and employees) and builds a relationship. Therefore a great story is the first step, but it has to come with a practical plan to be able to step off the page.


The bottom line:
A story is not enough, it has to be feasible

An A-Z plan

The communications arena today is becoming more and more tumultuous, and it doesn’t seem to be quieting down any time soon. Brands are competing not only for a place in their specific category against direct competitors, but against all the noise generated by every category, every brand, and every workplace. We are fighting the greatest war for attention. At the same time, our audiences’ attention span is dropping. The conclusion: a smart and relevant communications plan is the key to success. That’s why it is most important to create an effective work plan that will take the big story and believable translation, and present it to audiences on the most relevant platforms.


The bottom line:
Building a practical communications plan is an integral part of the work plan

We offer two approaches for analyzing and building a new employer brand:

Experience Branding:

Think about it: have you ever bought something you don’t know anything about? The answer is probably no, and the reason is clear: people buy, believe, and appropriate only things that reflect them in some way; products that speak their language, and ideas that they want to be a part of. Just like having an iPhone and driving a Mercedes says something about me, so does the place and people I work for.
Therefore, an employer brand is not only a story, but an entire experience that is built from the lives of candidates and employees. The idea is that the prior experiences of candidates and employees are the bedrock on which an employer brand is built. The brand needs to mirror their life choices thus farm, to continue the same aspiration and their growth path, and match their needs & wants. The brand needs to make them want to belong. The employer brand is not just a small detail in the lives of the candidates and employees; it’s one of the most important building blocks of the self. That’s why the employer brand has to understand and react to their self-image. In a way, this creates a talent-driven funnel, from branding, through the communications plan, to the vetting process, and the daily work life. The bottom line: the prior experience of the candidate and the employee is a vital part of the branding process.


Growth-oriented Branding:

In many cases when building an employer brand, a lot of thought is given to the outside – to the candidates and the potential employees that could one day step through the door. But in the world of employer brands, there is great importance in branding for employees; In creating an experience for the employees in order to understand their opinions, make them love and appreciate the company, and help them grow. People-growth branding transforms any employee into an ambassador for your company. That’s why when we build an employer brand, we always aim to create a need among the employees to talk about their work brand to anyone that crosses their path. The bottom line:
the growth of an individual in a company means growth in quality personnel, which in turn builds the business’ reputation and makes future employees want to be a part of it.

Brand building, and employer brand building at that, does not end with branding. On the contrary! While in most cases, branding is the last step in the work process, at McCann Tech we believe in a holistic process that continues where branding leaves off. We believe that strategic, creative and communication plans have to be incorporated with media strategy in order to reach the correct audience, at the correct moment, on the correct platform, thus creating brand optimization in a world filled with noise.
Welcome to McCann Tech: We put the “brand” into employer branding.

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