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Combining the infrastructure and abilities of Israel’s leading advertising agency with the agility and innovation of a boutique agency into a single body that lives and breathes performance in the digital arena and markets around the globe.

McCann Tech was born from McCann Tel-Aviv, the leading Israeli advertising agency. McCann has always believed that brands can be assets that touch many aspects of life, and uses that vision as the impetus for building and maintaining the most popular and loved brands in Israel.

McCann Tech was established on this foundation as the only agency that lives and breathes brand-building in the world of innovation and technology. McCann’s brand-building expertise along with the tech and hi-tech world’s strategic, creative, and media abilities means that employer brand-building is part of our DNA.


Tech-forward strategy:

Research and analysis of the market and competition, the company’s perception, the employees and candidates, and the digital eco-system to determine the most effective tech-story that will lead the communications strategy to impact.

The strategic goal:

Identifying the junction between the company’s perceptions and the candidate/employee’s aspirations and needs. The strategic model is based on finding the perfect way to create a clear message at the exact point where the candidate and category insight fuse with company and market attributes (Experience Branding).


Double edged creative:

Turning companies into icons.

The creative goal:

Creative mastery is focused on combining precision and impact in a way that grabs the candidate’s attention and creates a sense of pride among employees. Creative work does not end with a big idea and a big campaign; instead, it finds its way to the candidate and the employee repeatedly throughout the communication funnel, from awareness to employee experience.

Zoom-in Media:

Mapping the candidate’s journey across various digital channels, alongside traditional ones. This is accomplished by using precise hyper-targeting that focuses on recognizing and appealing to relevant audiences and sub-audiences (candidate, young employees, senior employees, etc.).

The Media goal:

 creating a media strategy that will maximize the uniqueness of each platform and lead to optimal impact for each segment.
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